About Egora.me

From the time China used shells as a currency to the digital currency today that exists in the cloud, humans have been fascinated with the story of money.

It’s a story everyone believes, and it transcends politics, race, and religion. We’ve all bought into it… and our relationship with this tale determines our place and path on this planet more than any other.

EGORA, or eGoverment Reference Architecture refers to the way countries are moving to incorporate a modern digital currency/architecture into government systems, closing the gap between citizens and governments when it comes to financial issues such as taxes and services.

DIgital Earth

This is a global trend… and it suggests that the story of digital money and online incomes will not be what many people have hopped. It will not lead to greater autonomy and freedom (on the topic there is wide disagreement).

Whatever the future holds for the digital economy and currency, the purpose of Egora.me is to introduce more people to it, not only so they have a better understanding as it becomes a greater part of their daily lives… but so they can take advantage of the changing financial landscape.

The truth is, most people know very little, and they don’t care. In fact, most don’t even know (or care about) the story of traditional money. All they care about is that they need it, and it can be used to buy stuff. But we are entering a new era of commerce, investment, and exchange… like buybacks to derivatives… some would argue we’re opening an entirely new genre of financial products and deception… a pandoras box with consequences we can’t begin to comprehend.

Our best weapon against ignorance is of course…  knowledge.